2015 Livonia Primary Endorsements

The Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) is pleased to announce our endorsements for the Livonia Primary Election this year for City of Livonia Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer, and City Council positions.

Twenty seven candidates are competing for a position in the Primary election scheduled for Tuesday, August 4, 2015. As a result of the Primary election, the field of candidates will be pared down to two competing for Livonia City Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer, and just eight for Livonia City Council.

Our endorsements are strongly based on interviews conducted by a committee representing the Livonia Democratic Party on Monday and Tuesday, July 6th and 7th, 2015. All twenty seven candidates were invited; twenty accepted and participated.

After the Primary and in the following months, the LDC will host candidate forums, publicize additional candidate events and meetings, and post final endorsements for Livonia voters to educate themselves for this important election on our website livoniademocraticclub.com.

The Livonia Democratic Club formally endorses (in alphabetical order):


Brian Meakin

Dennis Wright


Linda Scheel


Brian Duggan

Eileen McDonnell


Stacey Dogonski

Brett Gierak

Steve King

Tim Klisz

Jim Jolly

Kathleen McIntyre

Luke McGrail

Cathy White