About LDC

The Livonia Democratic Club

1987: The earliest evidence the Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) has existed can best be assumed where Democratic Party members residing in Livonia, Michigan submitted official forms to the Internal Revenue Service and Community Choice Credit Union opening a checking and savings account and applying for non-profit status under IRS Rules, Section 501-C-3. Confirmation of application is documentation confirming the LDC opening Credit Union accounts, and being assigned a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN).

At or about that time, like minded members of the new LDC operated, conducting meetings, activities and events the next several years.

2004: The officers and members of the LDC set forth and further documented it’s existence by creating and ratifying a next revised set of bylaws, submitting them to the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), being chartered as an official extension of the State Party.

During recent several years the LDC has operated in the most formal fashion conducting regular meetings (Board of Officers and Membership) each month, working hard to extend to Livonia residents opportunities to join the membership, and participate in the club official business at any level desired.

2013: In congruence to changes in the State of Michigan campaign finance rules, in order to expand their ability to contribute to candidate committees and operate it’s administrative functions, the LDC changed it’s status relative to political action and converted becoming a federally registered Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) as the Livonia Democratic Party.

2016: With a greatly strengthened financial structure in place (and Presidential elections approaching) the equipping and opening of the first Coordinated Campaign Office in Livonia was initiated! At the end of the elections cycle, it was determined a permanent location was in order. In December, a new location was secured and opened with the holiday season upon us.

2017: With a new, permanent location the membership began to increase, and it soon became obvious we had outgrown our space. In negotiations with the building owner a new larger space became available in the same building. Another move was now in order! Our current location is now 33150 Schoolcraft Road, Suite #104, Livonia, Michigan, 48150!

2018: With a firm and steady financial system, and a greatly expanded membership, the future of the Livonia Democratic Club looks even brighter as we move forward, planning and executing more and more activities, events and services for our membership!

We encourage Livonia residents to become members of the Party (Federal, State and Local), including becoming candidates as officers in the club, neighborhood Precinct Delegates, candidates for public office, and officers or delegates to the MDP, and Presidential Delegation at DNC National Conventions.

The LDC is proud to constantly support Principles, Beliefs and Values of the Democratic National Committee, and Michigan Democratic Party. Please feel free examining and making use of the features and information we provide through this website continuously increasing your knowledge and skills as an activist in the Democratic Party and as a proud member residing in the City of Livonia!