LDC Board Members

KarlR. Karl Burnett, President

As a young person awed watching the process of national elections on television at the age of 10, it has been just a political bug in his system ever since. From reading the “Opinion Pages” in the newspapers, and joining friends in debate over the affairs of politics and public policy, “Karl” has swam in these waters it now seems forever.

Seeking to strengthen the position of the Livonia Democratic Party in the City of Livonia both as an organization and financially has been the focal point for Karl ever he joined the Livonia Democratic Party. Establishing a coordinated campaign office, a permanent headquarters in our City and expanding the membership has been among his highest achievements since being elected President every two years since 2010.

Joining the Community Action Program in his Union in the 1970’s, and the Democratic Party, he has the lowest MDP membership number (#887) in Livonia. As a democrat, and elected his first time as a Precinct Delegate in 1984, holding nearly every position in the former 2nd, and through (now) three 11th Congressional Districts, Karl has held his sword and shield up for the party for a very long time, now. He has gained his experiences volunteering,  including MDP Party Platform Committees, the State Platform and Rules Committee, Chairperson of the Wayne County 11th District Democratic Committee (1993-99), 1st Vice Chairperson in the 11th Congressional District (2011-12), 2nd Vice Chairperson in the subsequent 11th Congressional District (2012-14) and Vice Chairperson in our current 11th Congressional District organization! Karl has served the Michigan Democratic Party as a member of the State Central Committee several terms, as well. Livonia Democrats have supported Karl as President of the Livonia Democratic Party since 2010.

As a family person and “late-bloomer”, he became a father of a son and later a daughter, now 29 and 26 years ago. Karl thrives at his daytime occupation, and working four full evenings each week with his spouse Roberta raising funds for the LDC.

His goal has been to expand the operations and the presence of the LDC in Livonia and the 11th District. Constantly applying his years of experience towards the club and a role in maintaining an economically strong and progressive society in America, Karl says his direction is based on institutionalized democratic principles, beliefs and values.

Karl is accompanied and enjoys the support of the following Livonia Democratic Party officers:

Stacey M. Cruse, Vice President of Political Operations

Kate Shishkovsky, Vice President of General Operations

Christopher Lee,  Treasurer

Danielle Lewon, Recording Secretary

James Amin, Digital Communications Coordinator

Patrick O’Neil, At Large Executive Board Member

Donna Sprague, At Large Executive Board Member

Roseanne Martell, At Large Executive Board Member

Pat VanVuren, Trustee

Jordan S. Hill, Trustee

Michael Lightbody, Trustee